The Most Influential Decentralized Platform in the World



GMI Block chain game application platform based on block chain and intelligent contract technology is dedicated to building a new type of decentralized intelligent game platform with block chain and intelligent contract technology, providing efficient and convenient digital asset services for digital asset enthusiasts, bringing more convenient and efficient development environment for game developers, and bringing more extreme game experience for players.

Vision:We will build a world-class application platform for decentralized block chains, and a GMI value network system with decentralized game platform and decentralized trading platform as its core.


Four trump card applications

Game competition

GMI is a de-centralized game platform as well as a competitive game platform. On GMI platform, paid engagements can be made through GMI passes through public rewards. Players participating in the war can not only get a reward for their participation in the engagement, High additional revenue can also be obtained through live off-site rewards, which are offered or rewarded only through GMI by all the participants and the off-site betters.

Payment and circulation

GMI is a competitive game engagement platform based on block chain technology, which combines the interests of global developers, producers, operators, consumers and investors. Provides services such as traffic statistics for downloading and uploading game scenario applications, game revenue assurance, and certification and settlement of public chains for game participants. Gamers can circulate in all games on the platform by storing GMI.

Proof of rights and interests

As a proof of circulating encrypted digital rights and interests, GMI passport will become one of the basic elements of the future digital economy. GMI passport is the proof of the rights and interests of GMI de-centralized game platform. If you hold GMI passport, you can enjoy part of the rights and interests of the platform. Such as platform profit dividend, transaction cost reduction, participation in platform decision-making and so on. With the development of the platform, the revenue will be greatly increased, and the profit sharing of the platform will increase by a geometric multiple.

Exchange card

GMI passport is the exchange passport of GMI platform. Through the digital assets exchange platform, the exchange of all digital currencies must take GMI passport as the medium of exchange, which will greatly improve the status and value of GMI passport. By virtue of GMI's unique technological advantages, enterprises can achieve rapid deployment, establish their own block chain network and connection protocol through rapid bifurcation at low cost, and realize event-driven by integrating data. All participants can work together to verify the authenticity of the data, so as to ensure the smooth transmission of funds and greatly improve the efficiency of collaboration.


Technical framework

Data Layer

In addition to the standard block chain structure, Merkle tree, hash function, asymmetric encryption, elliptic algorithm and timestamp technology, members'representatives are also introduced in the data layer. Recording, Dynamic Priority Computing, Fibolacci Sequence Computing, Cryptographic Signature Evidence, etc. The data layer innovates the block creation transaction model. According to the principle of performance priority, a fast inquiry method for the election records of Accounting Committee members is adopted.

Network layer

The network layer adopts the way of P2P networking, and the P2P network transmits data through broadcasting. For the network layer, each node is required to notify other nodes of their active state. Other network units Monitor the production status of new blocks, and in the event of cycle timeout anomalies, other nodes will immediately take over the execution of accounting power. This will ensure the validity of transaction bookkeeping and at the same time enable Effective enough to avoid purposeful attacks.

Consensus layer

Consensus layer adopts DPoS election mode. DPoS principle is to encourage long-term accounting and balance the use of rights and interests. The exponent of contribution is non-linear. Encouraging long-term bookkeeping, the contribution balance factor is dynamic and non-linear. The longer the bookkeeping cycle, the more the number of bookkeeping, the greater the possibility of re-booking. At the same time for Guarantee the possibility of other accounting nodes, balance the long-term advantages, contribution value will produce a natural recession.

Incentive layer

For the reward of the accounting node, the usual way is to obtain the asset income directly (that is, to get the currency reward). This is directly effective, but direct rewards do not last. Sex. Therefore, the incentive accounting node adds a contribution incentive besides the direct asset income incentive. And the contribution incentive for bookkeeping will be one for re-booking. Basis of rights and interests.

Contract level

The contract layer mainly provides the paradigm of directional function to the application layer. Directional functional paradigms can be divided into different functional paradigms according to their different functional forms. The functional paradigm is At the beginning of the agreement, the possibility of backward expansion is considered, that is, enough flexibility. Elastic design can be determined by deterministic type and functional type. At the same time, the load interval can be used. The extended region option exists within the paradigm.

Application layer

The application layer provides RPC functions of functional paradigms to facilitate users to generate asset operations through the use of functional paradigms. Complete the conventions and enablements of functional paradigms through simple interface functions Use. In most cases, developers of commercial applications do not need to understand the underlying implementation logic and process, but only need to customize the functional paradigm rules to achieve flexibility and diversity. Commercial application requirements.


Technical Implementation Scheme

Intelligent Asset Management

Multi-chain interaction mechanism

Automatic Management Mechanism of Game Process

Intelligent Contracts and Distributed Accounting

Bifurcation Network and Main Side Chain Technology

Value swap agreement


Management and Technical Team

Bruce Fisher CEO

Graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a master's degree in computer science, specializing in data processing and Internet of Things; chain technology preacher, senior engineer in software development and virtual trading technology. Has participated in the development of several large block chain bottom systems. Bruce is the planner of overall strategic planning and business direction. He has more than 10 years experience in the game industry and is a senior game investor. He is an early investor in the block chain and a fan of the block chain.

Mike Barkley COO

He has operated more than 100 million products in the world's top 500, and is currently an expert in community operations. He is fully responsible for GMI operations and management.

David Mercier CTO

Senior Engineer of Block Chain, with practical experience in Block Chain, Encryption Algorithms, Digital Wallet, etc., has 12 years experience in C/C++ programming under Linux/Windows environment. Proficiency in data structure, commonly used algorithms and depth, breadth and other artificial intelligence algorithms.

Teresa Lamani Director of Business Development

Has many years of experience as business director in game development company. Teresa is responsible for building, planning and daily operation management, and mastering the direction of the game. Organize long-term development strategy and business objectives, timely adjust according to changes in internal and external environment, and complete implementation.

Shawn Duncan Director of Game Operations

With more than 8 years'experience in the game industry and 3 years' experience in the mobile game industry, familiar with the mainstream game models and promotion methods, he is the main person in charge of GMI game platform promotion.

Josh Saldman Product Marketing Supervisor

Product Marketing Manager, with 5 years experience in the game industry, has participated in the design and marketing of multi-national and cross-regional game brands.

GMI Circular Allocation

In order to ensure the stable operation of GMI platform, GMI circular supply, a total of 10 billion. The proceeds from licensing sales will be used for product release, platform development and user allocation.