In order to satisfy the internationalization orientation and normative governance, GMI Technology Open Team, main investors, the first batch of GMI accessors, the first batch of GMI player representatives, and the GMI community representatives were set up jointly. The US BLOCK CHAIN BANK FOUNDATION Foundation (hereinafter referred to as the Foundation) is registered in the United States. The Foundation will practice democratic and transparent governance principles. Through the establishment of good governance structure, GMI platform in the development, construction, development and other aspects of work, management of open source community projects related matters, to promote the stable and healthy development of open source community.

GMI Consensus Community

GMI is a de-centralized game platform based on block chain technology, which is essentially de-centralized and is governed by a community of developers and users. GMI co-governs communities to set up decision-making committees. The first delegate of the decision-making committee is the main investor and core team members and other players who access the game platform for a three-year term. At the end of the term, 50 community representatives will be elected by the community according to their contribution value and participation. Five new members of the decision-making committee were elected by ballot. Members of the decision-making committee will make important and urgent decisions on behalf of the GMI co-governance community. Decision-making committees must adopt resolutions by a majority of the votes of all incumbent members before they can enter into force.

Co-governance community includes GMI operation center, GMI technology development center, financial management center, personnel management center and market development department.

* Operation center

The operation center is responsible for the daily operation and management of the community, GMI operation, community management and market solutions.

* Technology Development Center

Technology Development Center is responsible for the development of underlying technology, game development, game operation and maintenance, as well as community technology exchanges and technology promotion.

* Financial Management Center

The Financial Management Center is responsible for the use and audit of project fund-raising, personnel compensation management, daily operating expenses, community operating expenses, budget and audit of market promotion, etc.

* Personnel Management Center

Personnel Management Center is mainly responsible for the team's human resources planning, recruitment, training, performance, salary and so on.

*Market Development Department

Market Development Department is responsible for GMI game marketing and GMI external management. In case of an incident affecting the reputation of the community, the public relations response shall be unified after internal audit and evaluation and approval by the decision-making committee.